Although the theft rates that occur fluctuate over time, the possibility of an intruder in your living space is always scary. Please read on to stay safe and peaceful at home. Quickly verify their assets. It is critical to act quickly after theft events, so be quick to check your assets to determine your loss. Take a deep breath and carefully examine your home. Check for security camera or video doorbell alerts on your phone, if available. Focus on staying calm. When faced with undesirable situations, it is normal for your adrenaline and heart rate to rise. Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and body so that you can decide what to do after the aforementioned unpleasantness. Unless you have the necessary professional training to deal with situations where you will experience high stress, avoid using deterrents like firearms to make things more dangerous. Determine if you can escape. When you notice someone in your home, avoid any encounters with the malicious person concerned. To protect your life safety, immediately head to find a safe way out. If you’re not likely to make a safe escape, try to identify low-risk windows or hiding places. If you have a fire escape, try using it. If you can’t escape, hide. If the intruder is between you and your outside door and you can’t get out the window, lock yourself in the bathroom, bedroom, or even a closet. Lock the door and erect a barricade if possible. Try to stay as quiet as possible.

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