“How did they get in?” Instead of thinking, “What could I have done to prevent this situation?” or “What did I overlook?” When we focus on questions such as these, we often realize that we invite danger into our home by repeating our wrong habits. However, if we really pay attention to all the usual aspects of security, there is no reason for us to feel peaceful and safe at home. Allowing shrubs and/or trees in your garden to cover your windows can provide an opportunity for intruders to have a suitable environment for them to hide. For this reason, we recommend that you review your preferences for landscaping. Regularly trimming your outdoor plants will make your home less inviting to malicious people. Criminals often visit a residence more than once to gather information before attempting to log in. When your blinds or curtains are open, do not leave valuables such as a laptop, jewelery or tablet or money in an easily visible way from the outside. Be sure to keep your blinds and curtains closed so as not to discourage thieves. Take care to keep your money and expensive belongings in suitable places so that they are not visible from the floor windows. Avoid leaving the house without locking your door during the day due to the misconception that thieves will only show up at night. Many burglars have been known to target homes only during the daytime, as they assume the occupants are at school or at work. Therefore, no matter what time of the day, do not forget to lock your outer door before going out.


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