Loneliness, which most of us regard as a precious gift from which we can nurture our inner peace and mental peace, is a serious source of anxiety. This situation, which is defined as the fear of loneliness, seriously affects the quality of life of the person. For the majority of those who have to live with this anxiety, behaviors such as spending time with people they don’t really like, talking on the phone for hours to fill the silence, and turning on the TV as a reflex when they enter the house become a natural part of their daily routine. Fortunately, anyone who often suffers from similar concerns because of being alone can easily overcome it with dedication, perseverance, and the right amount of professional support. In the moments when you are alone, without feeling left out, focus on slowly concentrating on the situation and gently accept your fears before trying to get out. Try to enjoy your solitude to the fullest by doing your hobbies, improving yourself, discovering your talents and learning new skills. Try to find the right balance for your psychology by coloring your to-do list at home.

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